How to Have Safe Sex With London Escorts

Even though most people hire London escorts to have sex, the payment of sex services may not necessarily mean having sex with the girls. Many escorts are trained on how to have safe sex with their clients using a condom for anal, vaginal or even oral sex. Using a condom is not a guarantee that you will be safe from STIs but it is one of the methods to have safe sex. Here are some examples of having safe sex while still having fun with London escorts:

French Kissing
Most people love kissing when having sex as a means of arousing their partner. You should be very careful because you can get infections through kissing. Your partner’s mouth should not be having wounds nor pimples because you may end up getting the infections they are having. This applies whether you are getting a blowjob or kissing your partner. Ensure that you have both brushed to avoid having a smelly mouth.
Dry Humping
If you are not interested in having sex with an escort, you might consider rubbing your naked bodies onto each other to get stimulated. When done right, dry humping can be very satisfying to both partners regardless of their sex. However, you need to research on the tips online on how to do it right especially if you have not done it before. The only thing you are required to have here is self-control. You should not be carried away and try penetrating your partner without a condom. In fact, you should be wearing a condom for safe sex if you cannot be able to control yourself after getting stimulated.
This is the commonest method used in safe sex. The only precaution here is to have short tendered nails to avoid hurting your partner. Your hands should also be clean because you will be inserting your fingers into the vagina or the anal region of your partner. Finally, you should not use the same fingers in anal and vaginal stimulation to avoid transferring the bacteria from the anal region to the vaginal area. In case the anal or the vaginal region is dry, using a lube is recommended to moisturize the area although it happens automatically.

It is quite important to have safe sex with an escort whether you want to or not. You not only need to have fun when you call girls but also have a good life later on.