Why i prefer ipl rather than laser devices

First of all I must tell you that I have a skin who is very picky and I must be very careful what I do to it or apply to it. So, like any girl I wanted to try permanent hair removal and I did. I did it at a saloon and my skin didn t react very well to it, It was too harsh for my skin. After that, the doctor recommended to try IPL hair removal. After the first attempt we were surprised to see that my skin reacted very well and the follicle of the hair was destroyed. I was so excited I decided then, on that moment, that I will forever eliminate waxing and go for the permanent hair removal. The sessions were a bit expensive but they worked very well. I understood, from a friend, that now days, you can buy your own laser hair removal device and you can use it at home in your spare time ( I’ll definitely look into it). After six month after the sessions I still have no hair on my pubic area. I am so happy the doctor finally found a solution for my skin problem. And I finally understood that not all the products out there work for everyone and that you must keep trying until you find what works wonder for you. Also, I would tell everyone who is thinking to try home laser hair removal or IPL hair removal, to go and see a dermatologist and then decide with what type of procedure they should continue. It is very important because you don’t want to end up having a skin burn or some kind of eczema. Other than that, I think the permanent hair removal is the best thing that ever happened in the beauty industry.